On October 4, 2007, a LTU Airbus A330-300, registration number D-AERK, liberated the aft fan cowls on both sides from the No. 1 engine shortly after takeoff. The liberated panels hit the aircraft causing damage to the right wing, fuel tank and flaps. An in-flight shutdown of the No. 1engine occurred and the airplane returned to Dusseldorf (DUS) for an uneventful landing. No injuries or fatalities among the 123 persons on board. The German BFU is conducting the investigation and the NTSB is acting as an accredited representative to the BFU with Pratt & Whitney serving as a technical advisor. Airbus is also supporting the BFU in their investigation.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the government of Germany. Further information pertaining to this incident may be obtained from:

Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation
Hermann-Blenk-Str. 16
38108 Braunschweig

Tel.: (49) 531 3548 0
E-mail: box@bfu-web.de
Fax: (49) 531 3548 246
Telex: 952749 ACCID D
Website: http://www.bfu-web.de

This report is for informational purposes only and contains only information obtained for, or released by, the Government of Germany.

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