On December 27, 2007, at approximately 0802 Eastern Standard time, a runway incursion occurred at Teterboro Airport (TEB), Teterboro, New Jersey involving East Coast Jets (ECJ) flight 81, registration number N818MV, a Hawker 25, and N90AM, a G5. There was training in progress on ground control and there was a certified professional controller on local control. Tower staffing included a tower supervisor, a local controller, a ground controller and ground control developmental and a fight data/clearance delivery controller. ECJ 81 had landed on runway 6 and was advised by the local controller after landing to "turn left at taxiway bravo if able, cross [runway] one contact ground". ECJ81 exited the runway at taxiway B and contacted ground control for taxi to the Meridian FBO located on the north side of the airport. The developmental ground controller requested approval from the tower local controller to taxi ECJ81 across runway 1 at taxiway B. The local controller approved the request. About this time, N90AM called local control for takeoff and was directed to taxi into position and hold on the approach end of runway 1. The local controller, who was responsible for 2 aircraft and had 2 previous operational errors with some similarities, cleared N90AM for takeoff as ECJ81 was crossing the runway. The developmental ground controller reminded the local controller of the crossing and advised that it was not complete. The local controller, anticipating that appropriate separation would exist prior to N90AM beginning takeoff roll, instructed ground controller to expedite the crossing of ECJ81 and did not cancel the takeoff clearance. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the closest proximity was 4,000 feet. The incident occurred during day visual meteorological conditions.


ECJ81 departed Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE), Allentown, PA and had conducted the ILS runway 6 approach to TEB. At 1254:20, on initial contact with the TEB tower local controller, the pilot of ECJ81 transmitted: "Tower, east coast jet eighty one with you ILS [runway] six." The tower local controller acknowledged with a landing clearance. While ECJ81 was on approach to the airport, the TEB tower local controller cleared flight check 249 for departure from runway 1 and advised ECJ81 of the departure.

N90AM was departing TEB for Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), West Palm Beach, Florida. At 1300:06 the pilot of N90AM called the tower ready for takeoff. The tower local controller responded "tango november nine zero alpha mike roger continue holding short awaiting IFR release". At 1301:32 ECJ81 advised the local controller that he was going to Meridian [FBO]. The tower local controller responded with "east coast jet eighty one turn left at [taxiway] bravo if able cross [runway] one contact ground". ECJ81 acknowledged. ECJ81 contacted ground control prior to crossing runway 1 and the ground controller coordinated with local control to taxi ECJ81 across runway 1. At 1301:59, the ground controller directed ECJ81 to taxi to across runway 1 to Meridian via taxiways L and P. Thirteen seconds later the ground controller transmitted: "east coast jet eighty one cross runway 1 without delay" followed 10 seconds later with "east coast jet eight one expedite". At 1301:57, the tower local controller directed N90AM to taxi into position and hold on runway 1. At 1302:15, the local controller cleared N90AM for takeoff and advised N90AM of traffic on a four mile final for runway 6. N90AM began takeoff roll before ECJ81 was clear of runway 1.


The flight crews of ECJ81 and N90AM were not contacted regarding this incident. The TEB local control certified professional controller (CPC) entered duty with the FAA in 2001 and had been at TEB tower since December 2003 and qualified on local control in March 2006.


The TEB weather observation at 0751 EST was: wind 020 at 6 knots, visibility 10 statue miles, scattered clouds at 3,400 feet with an overcast at 4,300 feet, temperature 37, dew point 30, altimeter 29.99 inches. The TEB weather observation at 0837 EST was: wind 340 at 5 knots, visibility 10 stature miles, broken clouds at 1900 feet with an overcast at 3200 feet, temperature 37, dew point 30, altimeter 3002.


There was no damage reported for either aircraft.


Air Traffic Control Information

TEB Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) was an ATC-7 level facility responsible for aircraft operations on the airport surface and in the Class D airspace in the immediate vicinity of the airport. The TEB Class D airspace underlies Newark Liberty International Airport's Class B airspace. The control tower was constructed on the east side of the airport by the FAA and went into operation on October 29, 1975. The tower did not have a ground radar system such as the Airport Movement Area Safety System (AMASS). ATCT staffing at the time of the incident included a Front Line Manager action as Tower Supervisor, a local controller, a qualified ground controller and ground controller developmental, and a flight data and clearance delivery operator combined to a single controller position. The qualified ground controller was conducting on the job training.

Airport Information

Teterboro Airport serves general aviation aircraft. The annual air activity averages 200,000 operations per year. The airport is configured with two intersecting runways, runway 1/19 which was 7000 feet by 150 feet and 6/24 which was 6013 feet by 150 feet. The two runways intersect 5700 feet from the approach end of runway 1 and 4113 feet

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