On November 1, 2007, approximately 1800 central daylight time, a single-turbine engine Ayres S2-R, Thrush, airplane, N32984, was substantially damaged during a forced landing following a loss of engine power during cruise flight near Lenora, Texas. The commercial pilot and sole occupant, was not injured. The airplane was registered to and operated by Chiles Flying Service Inc. of LaMesa, Texas. day visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 cross-country positioning flight. The flight originated from the LaMesa Municipal Airport, near LaMesa, at an unknown time.

The pilot reported to the NTSB Investigator-in-charge (IIC), that during cruise flight, "the engine just quit in mid-air".

According to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector, who responded to the accident site, the aircraft received structural damage during the forced landing. The FAA inspector also noted that fuel was present in the airplane's fuel tanks.

The aircraft was recovered to Air Salvage of Dallas, Lancaster, Texas, for further examination.

A visual inspection of the engine was conducted, and no noticeable reason for the loss of engine power was found. An additional inspection was to be conducted at the engine manufacturer's facility. However, when the mechanics were preparing the engine for removal from the airframe, a line going to the fuel control was found to be loose, and essentially fell apart. The line, identified as the "P3" line, had separated from the AN fitting. Further examination of the fitting/hose identified, sooting or heat marks, on and near the AN fitting, as well as further along the hose. The hose's fire-sleeve covering was removed and revealed that approximately one-foot of the braided hose had been burnt.

According to the engine manufacturer when the engine is running, if the "P3" line is disconnected from the fuel controller, fuel flow to the engine will be at the "sub- idle" condition.

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