A Thai Airways Airbus A300-600, powered by Pratt & Whitney (P&W) 4148 engines, experienced a No. 2 engine uncontained low pressure turbine event while climbing through FL300 after departing from the Singapore Changi International airport for Bangkok, Thailand. The flight crew reported hearing two loud bangs and an in-flight shutdown of the No. 2 engine (right), followed by a diversion back to Singapore and an uneventful landing. Ground inspection of the engine and aircraft revealed that an internal engine failure had caused the low pressure turbine case and turbine exhaust case to separate creating a gap between the two. This allowed turbine debris to exit the engine, puncture through the core cowl and striking the aircraft, resulting in scratches on the fuselage and turbine airfoil pieces imbedding in the underside of the wing.

The Singapore investigative authorities delegated the investigation to the Thai authorities: therefore the investigation is under the jurisdiction of the government of Thailand. Further information pertaining to this incident may be obtained from:

Aircraft Accident Investigation Division
Flight Standards Bureau
Department of Civil Aviation
71 Soi Ngarmduplee, Rama IV Road
Tung Mahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok

This report is for informational purposes only and contains only information obtained for, or released by, the Government of Thailand.

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