On July 31, 2007 about 1120 eastern standard time, a Douglas DC-3, Colombian registration HK1149, registered to an individual and operated by Sadelca LTDA, made a force landing onto an open field near Puerto Concordia, Colombia. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a company visual flight plan was filed. None of the three crew members and 12 passengers were injured, and the airplane incurred substantial damaged. The flight originated from the Villavicencio Airport, Colombia, earlier that day, about 1030.

According to information obtained from the Colombian Aeronautica Civil, sometime into the flight the airplane's left engine begin to backfire with strong vibrations. The pilot shutdown the engine and feathered the propeller. When the flight was about 30 miles from the intended destination of San Jose del Guaviare, the airplane's right engine indicated high temperatures and low oil pressure. The airplane would not maintain altitude and the pilot elected to make an emergency landing onto an open field.

This investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Colombia. Any further information can be obtained from:

Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronautica Civil
Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado
Bogota, Colombia
Telephone: 571.425.1000

This report is for informational purposes only, and contains information released for or obtained by the Government of Colombia.

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