According to the student pilot's certified flight instructor (CFI), the student pilot was training under the United Stated Marine Corps Introductory Flight Screening Program, prior to attending the Naval Flight School at Pensacola, Florida. The student pilot reported to the CFI that he was making his third solo flight, in the traffic pattern and that the airplane bounced several times while he was attempting to land and that he had landed hard on the nose wheel, busting the tire.

Inspection of the airplane revealed the tire had burst, the nose gear wheel was broken and the propeller had struck the runway. A Chief CFI at another flight school on the field advised that he had observed the incident. He stated that the student porpoised several times, making no apparent attempt to recover.

The student pilot left the airport and returned to his barracks at Quantico. He met with the administrators of the Introductory Flight Screening program and advised them that he had been nervous during all flights and had decided flying was not for him. He dropped himself from the program. On October 2, 2007, further inspection of the airplane revealed that there was damage to the airplane's firewall.

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