The airplane sustained substantial damage during a forced landing after a loss of engine power while turning left base for a touch and go landing. The pilot reported that he estimated that the fuel remaining in the airplane after a previous flight was about 20 to 30 gallons, all in the left fuel tank. He reported, "I had run rt. [right] tank out of fuel and left remaining fuel in lt. [left] tank." He reported that during the preflight, the fuel gauges indicated that the left fuel tank was empty, and the right fuel tank was full. The pilot reported that a ladder was not available so he did not visually check the fuel in the tanks.

He reported that he had planned to do three takeoff and landings. He reported that he departed on the first takeoff and while turning a left base for runway 32, the engine quit. He attempted an engine restart but without success. He executed a forced landing to a cornfield.

The inspection of the airplane revealed that both fuel tanks were empty. When the battery was turned on, the left fuel gauge indicated full and the right tank indicated no fuel.

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