On March 27, 2007, about 2010 (UTC), an Embraer E-170, S/N 170-0158, foreign registry HZ-AEN, experienced an uncommanded pitch down with an accompanying uncommanded increase in air speed during its initial descent into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Airlines was operating the airplane as Flight SVA1866, a scheduled passenger flight, under the provisions of Part 121 of GACA Aviation Regulations. There were no reported injuries or damage as a result of this incident. The flight originated in Nejran at 1909 (UTC), and was initiating an approach to Riyadh at the time of the incident. Convective buildups and turbulence reportedly prevailed at the time, and an IFR flight plan had been filed.

The incident is under the jurisdiction of and is being investigated by Presidency of Civil Aviation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Further information can be obtained from:

Presidency of Civil Aviation
PO Box 887 Jeddah, 21165
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone 966 2 558819060
Fax 966 2 685 5507

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