On June 29, 2007, at 0900 eastern daylight time, a Champion 7KCAB, N827BM, collided with terrain during a go-around at Dry Swamp Airport, Orangeburg, South Carolina. The commercial pilot, the sole occupant, sustained serious injuries. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The pilot, who was also the registered owner of the airplane, was operating it under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The pilot departed Do-Little Field Airport, St. Matthews, South Carolina about 0840.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration accident coordinator, the pilot was landing on runway 20. Witnesses indicated that the pilot was landing downwind. During the landing attempt, the pilot initiated a go-around and the airplane appeared to stall, prior to impact with trees off the end of the runway.

In a written statement, the pilot indicated that he was flying his airplane to a local airport for its annual inspection. The north end of the airport has tall pine trees and houses. The south end has a clear approach over a swamp. The pilot decided to land to the north, in order to avoid the obstacles. In this landing approach, the pilot encountered a left, quartering tailwind. As the airplane was about to touch down, a gust of wind blew it from over the runway. The pilot attempted a go-around and the airplane stalled and impacted trees off the end of the runway. He stated that there were no mechanical malfunctions. The pilot did not hold a current medical and indicated that he was operating under sport pilot rules. He did not have a current flight review.

According to 14 CFR Part 61.303, a pilot holding a driver's license may operate, "Any light sport aircraft for which you hold the endorsements required for its category, class, and make and model." The type certificate data sheet for the airplane showed that it was certified at a gross weight of 1,650 pounds. A light sport airplane is defined by a maximum takeoff weight of 1,320 pounds for aircraft not intended for operation on water.

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