On May 12, 2007, at 1235 central daylight time, a single-engine Bell 47G helicopter, N25802, was substantially damaged during collision with terrain under unknown circumstances near Ciudad Victoria, State of Tamaulipas, in the Republic of Mexico. The commercial pilot was fatally injured and the passenger was seriously injured. The 1952 model helicopter, serial number 1154, had been recently purchased by a new owner and was being ferried to its new owner in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the cross country flight for which a visual flight rules (VFR) flight plan was filed. The flight originated in Brownsville, Texas, at 1115, and was destined to an intermediate refueling stop at Ciudad Victoria, Mexico.

The 1952 model helicopter, serial number 1154, was a converted military OH-13 helicopter, being operated on a FAA experimental airworthiness certificate issued on March 29, 2004. A Guatemalan registration was pending.

The accident investigation is under the control and jurisdiction of the Government of Mexico. Any further information may be obtained from:

Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes
Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC)
Providencia 807, Cuarto Piso
Colonia del Valle, Codigo Postal 03100
Mexico, D.F.

This report is for informational purposes only and contains only information released by, or obtained from the DGAC of Mexico.

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