On January 11, 2007, about 1745 eastern standard time, a Robinson R22 Beta, N8050Z, registered to a private individual, operated by Elite Flying & Management Services, Inc., rolled over during a training flight from Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (KLAL), Lakeland, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed for the 14 CFR Part 91 instructional flight. The helicopter was substantially damaged and the certified flight instructor (CFI) and student pilot were not injured. The flight originated about 1530, from KLAL.

The CFI stated that upon returning from the local training flight, he wanted to demonstrate a slope landing. He maneuvered the helicopter facing into the wind to begin the maneuver, and touched down on the upslope with the left skid. While lowering the right skid, he felt the slope was too steep and stopped lowering the right skid. While pulling collective to recover, the rear portion of the left skid became caught in the grass causing the helicopter to roll over to the left. He further reported that there was no mechanical failure or malfunction to the helicopter or any of its systems.

The student pilot stated that "We were attempting a slope landing, facing east, the left skid was in contact [with] the ground & the right was level in a hover position. The craft pulled hard to the left & landed on the left side. We exited the craft through the right door."

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