On July 15, 2006, about 0845 Pacific daylight time, a Beech C35, N715D, veered off the side of the runway, encountered obstacles and terrain, and nosed over at Nervino Airport, Beckwourth, California. The owner was operating the airplane under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91. The pilot and one passenger sustained minor injuries; the airplane was destroyed. The cross-country personal flight departed Willits, California, about 0700, with a planned destination of Nervino. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan had been filed.

The pilot submitted a written report. He said that he executed a normal touchdown at Nervino. He encountered a crosswind gust that made the airplane veer off the right side of the runway. While attempting to recover, the right main struck a runway light. The airplane veered off the right side of the runway about 100 feet into a deep storm drain. The nose gear collapsed, and the airplane nosed over.

The pilot and passenger noticed a fire begin in the engine compartment. The door was jammed, so they exited through the left rear window. The post impact fire destroyed the airplane. The pilot said that line personnel responded, but the fire extinguisher was not charged. It took emergency (volunteer) services about 45 minutes to respond to the site.

The pilot stated that the airplane and engine had no mechanical failures or malfunctions during the flight.

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