On November 13, 2006, about 1102 eastern standard time, an unregistered Bellanca BL-17-30 airplane, N6663V, owned and piloted by a private individual, as a Title 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight, crashed in Lantana, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed. The non-rated pilot received minor injuries, and the aircraft incurred substantial damage. The flight originated from Palm Beach County Park Airport, Lantana, Florida, the same day, about 1030.

The pilot stated that after his preflight inspection he performed a takeoff and full stop landing on runway 33. He further stated that he then taxied to the threshold of runway 33 and took off again. He said that he climbed to 800 feet, and turned west, and after about 5 miles he turned around and headed east. He said he entered the traffic pattern for runway 33, flew downwind, base, and final, and after flying about 3/4 mile on final approach the engine ceased operating. After switching tanks he said he tried to restart the engine, but the engine would not restart. He said he focused on flying the airplane, and as the airplane descended it impacted "trees, power lines, and left a wheel in the roof of a house."

An FAA inspector responded to the scene of the accident and performed a detailed examination of the airplane. According to the inspector, no anomalies were noted with the airplanes fuel, electrical and induction systems, and about 6 to 8 ounces of auto fuel was found in the right fuel tank. No additional fuel was found in the airplane, or at the accident scene. . In addition, the inspector stated that the airplane did not have a supplemental type certificate to permit the use of automobile fuel, and that the airplane had last received an annual inspection on January 1, 1984. The inspector also stated that the pilot, who was not an FAA certificated mechanic, stated that he performed all his own maintenance on the airplane.

According to the FAA inspector, the pilot stated that he last completed a flight review in 1996. In addition, the pilot's last medical examination was dated June 23, 1996, and a review of FAA records showed that his license was suspended on November 8, 1996.

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