On April 13, 2006, at 0930 mountain daylight time, a Piper PA-34-200T, N2227W, registered to AB Christenson Holding and operated by the pilot as a 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight, over-ran the end of the runway and collided with rough terrain during landing at Bullfrog Basin Airport, Bullfrog, Utah. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed The aircraft was substantially damaged and the private pilot and his three passengers were not injured. The flight departed from Salt Lake City, Utah, about 20 minutes prior to the accident.

The pilot reported that due to traffic on the runway, he circled around until the traffic was clear of the runway. The pilot then set-up for a landing on runway 01, but had to go-around for the first attempt as "...the runway was disappearing too fast..." During the second attempt, the pilot set-up for a short field landing and the aircraft touched down at the beginning of the 3,500 foot long down sloping runway. During the landing roll, the pilot realized that the ground speed was too fast and the aircraft was not going to stop in time. The pilot stated that there was not enough runway left for another go-around, so the aircraft ran off the end of the runway. After the accident, the pilot noted that the wind had shifted and that he landed with a tailwind.

An FAA Inspector from the Salt Lake City Utah, Flight Standards District Office reported that the aircraft traveled over the rough terrain directly off the end of the runway for about 200 feet before coming to rest. The main landing gear tires were blown, the right main landing gear collapsed and the upper wing surfaces were buckled.

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