On December 23, 2005, about 2233, eastern standard time, a Cessna 182, N8304S, registered to and operated by Fayard Enterprise Inc., nosed over during a forced landing in an orange grove near Highway 27 in Haines City, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and no flight plan was filed for the Title 14 CFR Part 91 personnel flight. The commercial-rated pilot was not injured and the airplane incurred substantial damaged. The flight originated from the Louisville Municipal Airport (2J3), Louisville, Georgia, earlier that day, about 2015.

The pilot stated he departed from Raeford, NC (5W4) about 1845 en route to Lake Wales, FL. (X07), with a planned stop at (2J3) to attend to some personal items there. He arrived at (2J3) about 1950, attended to the items, and departed at about 2015. He reached a cruising altitude of 7,500 feet and estimated that it would take 2 hours and 25 minute to reach (X07) as per his GPS. About 1 hour away from (X07) he noted the airplane's amp meter was indicating a discharge. He elected to turn off all non-essential electric equipment on board the airplane. The rest of the flight went normal until his descent to (X07), at 5,500 feet, the engine lost power. The engine power was regained a couple of times before it was totally lost again. He elected to land in an orange grove. During the landing roll the airplane encountered a ditch and the airplane flipped over. In addition, the pilot stated that when he topped of the accident airplane at (5W4), he noticed a fuel dye residue on the wing, blue in color. He is almost certain he ran out of fuel; however, he should have had plenty of fuel to make his destination. A completed Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident/Incident Report was not received for this accident.

The responding FAA inspector stated the pilot topped off the airplane with 45 gals of fuel prior to the accident flight at (5W4). At the time of the accident the pilot estimated he should had had 40 minutes of fuel remaining. During the descent to the intended airport, about 2230, the engine quit and restarted twice before finally shutting down. Pilot was able to land the airplane in an orange grove 1 mile west of Highway 27, 14 miles south of (X07). The airplane skidded 200 feet before the nose gear separated and the airplane flipped over. No fuel was observed leaking from the wings and there was no post accident fire. The right wing fuel cap was observed not fully secured and with fuel streaks stains.

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