On October 21, 2005, approximately 1430 mountain daylight time, an Aviat A-1, N6QR, was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain while landing at the TTT Ranch, 15 miles southwest of Kaycee, Wyoming. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The personal flight was being conducted under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 91 without a flight plan. The private pilot and his passenger were seriously injured. The cross-country flight departed Casper, Wyoming (CPR), approximately 1400.

According to a statement submitted by the passenger, he and his father (private pilot) departed CPR for the TTT Ranch. The passenger stated that during the landing, the touchdown was "hard" and they bounced several times; however, they "maintained centered on the runway." He stated that the pilot "decided to take off" and added power. The airplane "pulled left [off] of center, putting a tree in [their] path." The passenger stated that the pilot pulled the power back and pulled the nose of the airplane up "into a steep climb, stalling the [air]plane." The airplane impacted in a left wing low attitude, followed by the nose of the airplane.

According to the FAA inspector who traveled to the scene, a 50-foot ground scar preceded the main wreckage. The right wing separated forward from the fuselage, and the outboard tip of the wing was wrinkled. The left wing remained attached and was bent up approximately 20 degrees at midspan. The left main landing gear assembly was folded aft, the propeller separated at the propeller flange, and the engine cowling and firewall were wrinkled. An examination of the airplane's systems, conducted by the FAA, revealed no anomalies.

Due to the pilot's injuries, he was unable to submit a written or verbal statement at the time of this report. A spokesperson for the pilot stated that he experienced a small heart attack on the day of the accident; however, they were unable to determine if the heart attack was prior to, during, or after the accident

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