On June 8, 2005, approximately 0630 central daylight time, a single-engine Bell 206L-1 helicopter, N2761X, registered to American Helicopters of Angleton, Texas, and operated by Omni Energy Services of Carencrow, Louisiana, was substantially damaged during a forced autorotative landing into swampy terrain following a loss of engine power during initial climb after take off from a company helipad near Mouton Cove, Louisiana. The commercial pilot and 3 passengers were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed throughout the area and a company flight plan was filed for the Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 on-demand domestic air taxi flight. The flight was destined for an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

The 6,020-hour pilot reported that while on initial takeoff climb, when the helicopter was climbing through approximately 150 to 200 feet above the ground, with the engine operating at 80 to 85% torque, he heard the engine make "popping noises" and the nose of the helicopter yawed to the left. The engine immediately lost power associated with rapid decay of N1 and rotor rpm. Subsequently, the pilot executed an autorotation to a swampy area adjacent to a tree line. The pilot and passengers exited the helicopter after the landing with no injuries.

Examination of the helicopter by an FAA inspector revealed that the main rotor blade(s) had contacted and severed the tail boom during the flare and touchdown phase of the autorotaion. Further examination of the Rolls-Royce 250-C30P engine revealed evidence of foreign object ingestion. Remnants and the smell of an amphibian were present in the engine bleed manifold port and intake, and impact evidence was noted on the compressor front support. The operator reported that the helicopter had remained overnight at the remote helibase the night prior to the flight, which was the first of the day for the helicopter. The operator further stated that there had been reports in the past about ingestion of "green frogs" which are common to that region of the state.

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