On May 31, 2005, at 10:00 central daylight time, a Luscombe 8A single-engine tailwheel-quipped airplane, N28784, was substantially damaged following a loss of control during landing at Hefner-Easley airport, (H68) near Wagoner, Oklahoma. The private pilot, the sole occupant of the airplane, was not injured. The airplane was registered to Clear Prop LLC and operated by the pilot, under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed for the cross-country flight departing at 0930 from Davis Field Airport, near Muskogee, Oklahoma, and was destined for the Hefner-Easley airport.

According to a written statement submitted by the 946-hour pilot, during a 3-point landing, the right wing and tail lifted up causing the plane to steer towards a small ditch, and in the direction of the airport hangars. The pilot decided on a go-around and added full power. The airplane became airborne, but did not gain enough altitude to clear the hangars. The airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted two hangars that were approximately 10-15 feet apart, with the fuselage coming to rest between the two hangars.

An examination of the airplane by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector, who traveled to the accident site, revealed structural damage to the left and right wings, and fuselage. The propeller and landing gear were also damaged.

At 0953, the automated weather observing system at TQH, 17 miles east of the accident site, reported wind from 050 degrees at 4 knots, 10 statute miles visibility, scattered clouds at 2,100 feet, broken clouds at 3,500 feet, temperature 73 degrees Fahrenheit, dew point 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and an altimeter setting of 29.94 inches of Mercury.

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