On April 13, 2005, approximately 1700 mountain daylight time, an Enstrom F-28C helicopter, N5690K, registered to Honeybear Helicopter's LLC, Golden, Colorado, sustained substantial damage during an attempted landing at a private landing pad near Morrison, Colorado. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The personal flight was being conducted under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 91 without a flight plan. The pilot and pilot-rated passenger reported no injuries. The flight originated at Jeffco Airport (BJC), Broomfield, Colorado, approximately 1530.

According to the pilot and pilot-rated passenger, they departed BJC en route to two restaurant helipads which were located in high elevation areas. The pilot performed a high reconnaissance of one restaurant helipad, and two approaches and landings were made to the other restaurant helipad without incident. The pilot and pilot-rated passenger then elected to fly to a third helipad.

The pilot-rated passenger performed a high reconnaissance of the area and executed an approach to the helipad, which was an elevated concrete landing surface. After the approach, the pilot-rated passenger brought the helicopter to a hover above the helipad, and then departed the helipad. The pilot then took over control of the helicopter, and set up for another approach to the helipad. During a steep approach "with a good sight picture of the pad", the helicopter descended below the helipad. The pilot increased collective; however, the rotor RPM began to "droop." Subsequently, the helicopter landed short and impacted the side of the helipad.

The helicopter's right lower forward fuselage section struck the edge of the helipad. The helicopter slid off the pad, and came to rest west of the pad. Examination of the helicopter revealed the firewall and lower forward fuselage section were crushed and its left landing gear skid assembly was collapsed.

The pilot had accumulated approximately 114 total rotorcraft flight hours, and 6 hours in the make and model accident helicopter. The pilot-rated passenger had accumulated approximately 1,209 total rotorcraft flight hours, 948 total hours as a rotorcraft flight instructor, and 40 hours in the make and model accident helicopter.

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