On February 10, 2005, at 1500 central standard time, a Cessna 172N, N2291E, operated by Park Rapids Aviation, collided with a snow bank and nosed over while landing on runway 35 (3,900 feet by 75 feet, dry asphalt) at the Grafton Municipal Airport (GAF), Grafton, North Dakota. The private pilot was not injured. The airplane was substantially damaged. The 14 CFR Part 91 flight was operating in visual meteorological conditions and no flight plan was filed. The last departure point was the Crookston Municipal Airport (CKN), Crookston, Minnesota, at 1430.

The pilot reported he received a flight service station (FSS) briefing prior to departing Park Rapids, Minnesota, earlier in the day. He stated that during the flight to GAF, he encountered snow showers so he decided to land at CKN and wait for the weather to pass. The pilot stated that after 15 - 30 minutes the weather passed so he continued the flight to GAF.

The pilot stated that upon arriving at GAF, he listened to the automated terminal information system (ATIS) from the Grand Forks International Airport (GFK), located 30 miles to the south. He stated the ATIS was reporting winds from 260 degrees at 16 knots. The pilot stated the windsock at GAF was indicating winds from the west. He stated the winds were "maybe favoring" runway 35, which was the runway in use. The pilot stated he made two go-arounds because after turning onto final approach the airplane was not lined up with the runway centerline. He stated that on the third landing attempt, the airplane was "just a little on the upwind side of the runway centerline." He stated that after touchdown, "the wind blew me off the side of the runway" and the airplane contacted a snow bank. The pilot reported the nose gear collapsed and the airplane nosed over.

The pilot reported the local winds at GFK were from 260 degrees at 16 knots. The winds reported at the Grand Forks International Airport (GFK), Grand Forks, North Dakota, at 1453, were from 280 degrees at 15 knots.

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