On November 6, 2004, at 1000 central standard time, a Piper PA-28-181, N2245M, collided with three airplanes that were parked on the ramp at the Morris-Washburn Airport (C09), Morris, Illinois. The pilot who was outside of the airplane at the time received minor injuries. N2245M was substantially damaged. The 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight was operating in visual meteorological conditions without a flight plan. The flight was originating at the time of the accident.

The pilot reported that he inadvertently left the master switch on after landing at C09. He reported the battery was dead when he went to start the airplane so he decided to hand prop the engine. The pilot stated he tied the tail down using a ramp tie town rope and set the throttle forward about one-quarter of an inch. He stated he started the airplane and was walking around the wing to enter the airplane when the tie down rope broke. The airplane started moving and as he tried to grab the door handle the horizontal stabilator struck him, knocking him to the ground. N2245M continued to the west where it contacted the left wing of a Diamond DA40, N222GF. N2245M continued westbound across the ramp where its left wing contacted a light pole, turning the airplane around 180 degrees. N2245M then traveled east, back across the ramp, where it contacted the tail of a Cessna 150E, N4039U. N2245M came to rest after contacting the nose and left wing of a Grumman AA-1B, N1409R.

Post accident inspection of the accident site revealed the tail tie down rope broke with one end still attached to the tie down ring on N2245M, and the other end attached to the pavement tie down ring. The pilot stated he did not set the airplanes brakes nor did he place chocks under the wheels prior to hand propping the engine.

The airport manager stated the airport does not supply tie down ropes.

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