On September 19, 2004, about 1600 coordinated universal time, a Cessna 182R, HB-CJB, was destroyed when it impacted mountainous terrain near Montreaux, Switzerland. The certificated pilot and three passengers were fatally injured. The personal flight departed Perpignan, France, and the intended destination was Grenchen, Switzerland.

According to the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau of Switzerland, the airplane struck a gentle slope, but continued flight until it struck the next ridgeline in its path. The propeller and the left wing then separated from the airplane, and the fuel spilled from the left wing exploded. The airplane continued and descended 200 meters to a marshy field where it collided nose-first with terrain. The main wreckage in the field did not burn.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Switzerland. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from the:

Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
Bundeshaus Nord, CH-3003
Bern, Switzerland
Tel. 41 (0)31 810 41 51 Fax 41 (0)31 810 41 50

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