On September 2, 2001, an Extra 400, equipped with a Teledyne Continental Voyager TSIOL-550-C engine and registered in Germany as D-ETAW, crashed into shallow water shortly after takeoff from Runway 22 at Rorvik Airport (ENRN), Norway. The pilot reported that the engine lost power at the time of rotation.

The National Transportation Safety Board represents the United States in aviation investigations involving overseas interests under the provisions of Annex 13 to the Convention on International Aviation.
The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the government of Norway. Further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Accident Investigation Board Norway
P. O. Box 213
N-2001 Lillestrøm

Tel.: (47) 63 89 63 00
(47) 63 89 63 20 (24H)
E-mail: post@aibn.no
Fax: (47) 63 89 63 01
Cable: 71032 ENFB N
Website: http://www.aibn.no

This report is for informational purposes only and contains only information obtained for, or released by, the Government of Norway.

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