On August 6, 2004, about 1425 coordinated universal time, a Cessna U206G airplane, SE-GOP, was destroyed by impact and postimpact fire when it collided with trees following a loss of engine power and forced landing after takeoff from the Optand Airport, Optand, Sweden. The airplane was operated by Ostersunds Parachuting Club, Optand, on a parachute flight under the provisions of the Swedish Civil Aviation Regulations. The pilot and three parachute passengers received fatal injuries. Three other parachute passengers received serious injuries.

The accident investigation is under the jurisdiction of, and is being conducted by, the Swedish Accident Investigation Board (SAIB). This report is for informational purposes only, and contains only the information obtained from the SAIB. Further information may be obtained from:

Swedish Accident Investigation Board
P.O Box 12538
SE-102 29 Stockholm

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