On June 21, 2004, approximately 1250 Pacific daylight time, a Piper J-3, N27135, impacted a number of trees during low-level maneuvering about three miles south of Glenoma, Washington. The private pilot, who was the sole occupant, received serious injuries, and the aircraft, which is owned and operated by the pilot, sustained substantial damage. The 14 CFR Part 91 personal pleasure flight, which departed Chehalis-Centralia Municipal Airport, Chehalis, Washington, about one hour prior to the accident, was being operated in visual meteorological conditions. No flight plan was filed, but the pilot's ultimate destination is believed to have been Thun Field, Puyallup, Washington.

According to witnesses, the aircraft was observed flying very low and slow through the thickly forested hilly terrain just east of the east end of Riffe Lake. The witnesses said that the airplane made a steeply banked turn, reversed course, and then disappeared behind some trees. When the aircraft did not reappear, some of the witnesses went searching for the aircraft, and found that it had impacted a number of trees along the slope of a steep incline.

A post-accident inspection of the aircraft and its engine did not reveal any evidence that there had been any malfunction or anomaly in the flight control system or in the operation of the engine. It was further determined that the aircraft had taken on 8.25 gallons of aviation fuel approximately 70 minutes prior to the accident. As of this date, the pilot, who was severely injured in the crash, has no recollection of the accident sequence, and is still unable to complete an NTSB Form 6120.1/2.

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