On April 17, 2004, about 0845 central daylight time, a Beech C23, N6715X, operated by the Flight Center at Service Aviation Inc., sustained substantial damage on impact with terrain when the airplane exited the runway during a go-around at the Lake in the Hills Airport, near Lake in the Hills, Illinois. The instructional flight was operating under 14 CFR Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. No flight plan was on file. The instructor pilot and student pilot reported no injuries. The flight departed from Palwaukee Municipal Airport (PWK), near Wheeling, Illinois, about 0720.

The certified flight instructor's accident report stated:

The aircraft turned final and flew a slightly low and fast approach to
the runway. The aircraft touched down flat on the runway and
because of the excess speed the aircraft bounced into the air a
considerable amount. At this point a go around was initiated. As the
power was advanced the aircraft began a left turn and drifted off the
runway. At this point the instructor called for complete control of the
aircraft and returned to wings level pitch attitude, however despite the
application of full power the aircraft refused to climb and touched
down right main first on the grass to the north side of the runway. The
aircraft then swung nose right shearing off the nose gear and left main
gear causing the propeller to strike the ground. The aircraft came to
rest in the grass to the north of runway 8 about halfway down the
runway, and facing the centerline of the runway.

The pilot reported no mechanical malfunctions associated with the airplane in reference to the flight.

A Federal Aviation Administration Inspector performed an examination of the wreckage. The examination revealed that the flight controls were operational and correct and that the engine controls were operational.

At 0853, the recorded PWK weather was: Wind calm; visibility 6 statute miles; present weather haze; sky condition clear; temperature 14 degrees C; dew point 11degrees C; altimeter 30.05 inches of mercury.

At 0853, the recorded DuPage Airport, near West Chicago, Illinois, weather was: Wind variable at 3 knots; visibility 6 statute miles; present weather haze; sky condition few clouds 6,000 feet; temperature 15 degrees C; dew point 12 degrees C; altimeter 30.03 inches of mercury.

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