On April 8, 2004, at 1750 central daylight time, an Ayres SR2-T34 single-engine, tailwheel-equipped agricultural airplane, N2320T, was substantially damaged when it collided with a vehicle following a loss of directional control during landing roll at the Benger Air Park (X54), near Friona, Texas. The commercial pilot, who was the sole occupant, was not injured. The airplane was registered to and operated by Benger Aero Spraying Inc., Friona, Texas. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and a flight plan was not filed for the 14 Code of the Federal Regulations Part 137 aerial application flight. The local flight originated from X54 at 1700.

The 15,798-hour pilot reported in the Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report (NTSB Form 6120.1/2) that while spraying a field approximately two miles north of the airport, it started to rain. The pilot returned to the airport and landed on runway 22, which is a 3,013 feet long and 60 feet wide asphalt runway. During the landing roll, he moved the propeller condition lever to the BETA position, and subsequently "lost visibility" from water on the windshield. The "wind pushed the airplane off the left side of the runway." As the pilot attempted to go around, the left wing struck a tractor located approximately 40 feet to the left of the runway.

The operator reported that rain and a "strong crosswind" were present at the time of the accident, with "standing water" on the left side of the runway.

Examination of the airplane by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector, who responded to the accident, revealed the left forward wing spar was bent.

Weather at the Clovis Municipal Airport, near Clovis, New Mexico, approximately 23 miles southwest of the accident site, at 1735, reported, wind from 340 degrees at 14 knots, visibility 10 statue miles, few clouds at 4,900, scattered clouds at 7,000, temperature 52 degrees Fahrenheit, dew point 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and an altimeter setting of 29.89 inches of Mercury.

The pilot reported wind from the northwest at 17 knots, with moderate rain at the time of accident.

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