On February 19, 2004, at 1440 central standard time, a Cessna 195, N4351V, operated by a private pilot, sustained minor damage, and a Cessna 177RG, N7751V, operated by a commercial pilot, sustained substantial damage, during an on-ground collision at the Manitowoc County Airport (MTW), Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Both flights were operating under 14 CFR Part 91 without flight plans. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at time of the accident. The pilots in each airplane reported no injuries.

The Cessna 195 pilot reported that he had landed and was taxiing to the ramp when the collision occurred. He stated he began making a series of "small" S-turns to clear his blind spot as he taxied. He crossed runway 17/35 intending to turn south at the taxiway intersection en route to the ramp. He stated: "I approached the intersection and was preparing to 'set-up' to make a large 'sweeping' left turn by first turning slightly to the right." He entered the intersection and began the slight turn to the right when "things started to happen." The propeller impacted the right wing of the Cessna 177RG, which was doing a run-up prior to departure on runway 07. As the impact continued, the Cessna 195's tail swung around and came to rest west of the Cessna 177RG.

The pilot of the Cessna 177RG was beginning his Flight Instructor practical test with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector on-board at the time of the accident. He reported that they taxied to runway 07 and stopped at the hold short line to complete a run-up. He stated they observed the Cessna 195 doing S-turns as it came down the taxiway. He reported that as the Cessna 195 approached their position the airplane turned directly at them. They applied full power in an attempt to prevent a collision. However, the nose gear hit a snow bank and the airplane came to a stop. The Cessna 195 collided with the Cessna 177RG's right wing.

The FAA inspector aboard the Cessna 177RG stated that they taxied north from the ramp towards the intersection at the approach end of runway 07. They entered the intersection north of the parallel taxiway and turned the airplane into the wind for an engine run-up. They reportedly saw the Cessna 195 "down range" on the taxiway performing S-turns. She stated that during the run-up, "I glanced up and saw the Cessna 195 S turning once to the right once to the left and then back right, picking up speed and aiming straight for us in the intersection." When it was apparent that the Cessna 195 was not going to stop, she stated that she applied maximum power, released the brakes and attempted to jump the snow mound ahead of them to avoid the collision. The airplane moved approximately 10 feet forward when the nose wheel became buried into the snow bank. The inspector reported that the Cessna 195's propeller collided with the Cessna 177RG "ripping through approximately 3 feet of the right wing."

The pilot of the Cessna 195 reported there were no mechanical failures or malfunctions prior to the collision.

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