On March 9, 2003, at 1100 eastern standard time, a Cessna 172, N1754V, registered to and operated by Aviation Specialist, veered off the runway and nosed over during an attempted landing at Collegedale Municipal Airport in Collegedale, Tennessee. The solo training flight was operated under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 91 with no flight plan filed. Visual weather conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The airplane sustained substantial damage, and the student pilot was not injured. The flight departed Collegedale, Tennessee, at 1035 on March 9, 2003.

According to the Fixed Base Operator, the student pilot was on his fifth solo flight and was conducting landings on runway 3. During the accident landing, the airplane touched down about 2000 feet down the runway and veered left off the 4000-foot long runway. The airplane rolled down an embankment and nosed over. In a record of phone conversation the student pilot stated, he did not obtain a weather briefing before the flight. The Chattanooga Lovell Field Airport reported winds from 020 degrees at 12 knots gusting to 17 knots at the time of the accident.

The student pilot stated that upon touchdown he lost directional control. According to the student pilot during landing roll, he applied right brake but the airplane continued to roll off the left side of the runway. The student pilot reported no mechanical problems with the airplane.

Examination of the wreckage site revealed that wreckage debris was scattered in the immediate vicinity of the wreckage. Examination of the airplane revealed the outboard wing spars on both wings were bent.

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