On October 4, 2002, about 1130 eastern daylight time, a Robinson R-22, N222MQ, registered to M. Spitzer Helicopter Leasing, operated by Corporate Aviation Inc., as a 14 CFR Part 91 instructional flight, rolled over on its right side while taking off to a hover. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The helicopter sustained substantial damage and the airline transport rated pilot reported minor injuries. The flight was originating from Franklin County Airport, Louisburg, North Carolina, at 1130.

The pilot stated he was on his second supervised solo flight and was taking off from the sod area located adjacent to runway 22. As he applied collective pitch the front skids of the helicopter came off the ground and the rear skids remained on the ground. He continued to increase collective pitch; the helicopter became airborne, yawed to the left, and started drifting to the right. The right skid collided with the ground and the helicopter bounced back into the air. The pilot stated he over corrected with cyclic and the right skid collided with the ground again. The helicopter encountered dynamic rollover and rolled over on its right side.

Examination of the helicopter revealed the cabin bubble was broken, both main rotor blades sustained damage, and the airframe on the right side sustained structural damage. The pilot reported no mechanical problems with the helicopter.

Review of Robinson Helicopter Company Safety Notice SN-9 states, "A dynamic rollover can occur whenever the landing gear contacts a fixed object, forcing the aircraft to pivot about the object instead of about its own center of gravity. The fixed object can be any obstacle or surface which prevents the skid from moving sideways. Once started, dynamic rollover cannot be stopped by application of opposite cyclic alone.

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