On August 23, 2002, about 1630 Pacific daylight time, an AB Sportine Aviacija Genesis 2 glider, N422DT, collided with a fence during a precautionary landing near Orland, California. The pilot/owner was operating the glider under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91; the glider sustained substantial damage. The airline transport pilot, who held a glider rating, was the sole occupant, and received minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local area flight that departed a private dirt strip (Crazy Creek Soaring) in Middletown, California, about 1300. The flight was scheduled to terminate at the private dirt strip.

According to the pilot, he was soaring at 10,000 feet mean sea level (msl) above high terrain. During the return portion of the flight, the glider "encountered an area of significant sink." He decided to depart the area for lower terrain to locate a place to land. The pilot reported that he had plenty of altitude, so he circled around the area looking for a place to land. He found a county road that was clear of obstacles. The pilot stated that he landed to the south. On the landing rollout, the left wing caught a hidden post, located to the east of the road, which pulled the glider 90 degrees from its original direction of travel. A barbwire fence went through the canopy and struck the top of his head.

The pilot stated that there were no mechanical anomalies noted with the glider.

In the pilot's written statement, he reported accumulating a total of 15,000 flight hours, of which 84 were obtained in gliders, and 15 hours were logged in the accident glider make and model.

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