On July 20, 2002, at 1500 central daylight time, a Schweizer model 1-26B glider, N111HK, piloted by a student pilot, was substantially damaged when it struck a pole while on final approach to runway 18 (2,500 feet x 200 feet, turf) at the Silver Creek Gliderport (3IL1), New Douglas, Illinois. The pilot sustained minor injuries. The flight was conducted under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident.

The pilot stated that he was in left hand traffic for runway 18. He "turned base at 600' agl and final about 450' agl. Looked high and opened spoilers fully. Was closing spoilers slowly but became aware I was getting low when left wing tip struck electrical box on side of power pole."

The pilot holds a valid student pilot certificate and has accumulated 34 hours total time, six (6) hours of that within the last 90 days. A medical certificate is not required for glider operations.

The Schweizer 1-26B glider, S/N 353, involved in the accident had completed an annual inspection on July 20, 2002. A total of 1,530 hours had accumulated on the airframe at the time of the accident -- 65 hours since the annual inspection. The pilot reported no malfunctions or failures with the aircraft prior to, or at the time of, the accident.

Weather conditions at the scene were reported by the pilot as clear, ten (10) miles visibility, south winds (180 degrees) at ten (10) knots, and no turbulence. The St. Louis Regional Airport (ALN) METAR, issued at 1449 cdt, reported few clouds at 5,000 feet agl, ten (10) sm visibility and variable winds at four (4) knots. The airport (ALN) is located 19 nm to the west (262 degrees) of the accident scene.

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