On January 20, 2002, aproximately 1550 coordinated universal time (1650 local time), a Boeing 737-500 airplane, Norwegian registration LN-BRR, operated by Braathens ASA on a scheduled Norwegian domestic passenger/cargo flight, experienced heavy vibrations on rollout after landing at Bodo, Norway. Following landing, it was discovered that the left main landing gear lower torsion link had fractured, allowing the left main landing gear wheel assembly to rotate freely with ensuing damage to hydraulic hoses and wiring. Damage was noted to tires, rims, brakes, hydraulic hoses, wires, and the link/damper unit on the left main landing gear assembly. None of the unknown number of crew and passengers aboard the aircraft was injured in the incident. The flight originated at Trondheim Vaernes Airport in Trondheim, Norway, and was on an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan.

This incident is being investigated by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board/Norway (AAIB/N). Further inquiries regarding this incident should be directed to:

Aircraft Accident Investigation Board/Norway
Postboks 213
2001 Lillestrom, Norway
Telephone: (47) 64 84 57 60
Fax: (47) 64 84 57 70

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