On June 24, 2002, at approximately 1100 central daylight time, a American Champion 8KCAB (Decathlon), N83DH, was substantially damaged during a ground loop on landing roll at Giddings-Lee County Airport, Giddings, Texas. The private pilot, the sole occupant on board, was not injured. The pilot/owner was operating the airplane under Title 14 CFR Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the cross-country flight that had originated from Weiser Airpark, Houston, Texas, approximately 45 minutes before the accident. The pilot had not filed a flight plan.

The pilot said that he was landing on runway 17, and the airplane suddenly veered "hard" to the right and exited the runway. The left main axle support structure failed, and the left main wheel separated from the airplane. The left strut dug into the ground, and the airplane came to rest on its left wing. The outer 6 feet of the left wing was bent up approximately 35 degrees, and the left side of the elevator was bent.

The pilot estimated the wind, at the time of the accident, to be 240 degrees at 3 to 5 knots.

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