On July 14, 2001, approximately 1030 Pacific daylight time, a Piper PA-22-160 airplane, N8158D, registered to and being flown by a private pilot, was substantially damaged in a ground loop and ensuing right main landing gear collapse during landing on runway 16 at Friday Harbor, Washington. The pilot and one passenger were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions, with winds from 130 degrees true at 5 knots, were reported at Friday Harbor at 1053. No flight plan was filed for the 14 CFR 91 personal flight from Arlington, Washington.

The aircraft had been converted to a tailwheel landing gear configuration. The pilot reported that he touched down level with no bounce at approximately 65 MPH. He stated that about 100 feet down the runway, the left wing "picked up". He stated that he applied full left aileron, right rudder and brake, but that the airplane veered to the left, the right gear collapsed and the wingtip hit the ground. The pilot indicated on his NTSB accident report that no mechanical failure or malfunction was involved in the accident. The pilot reported a total flight time of 146 hours including 61 hours in make and model, including 85.7 total hours (45.4 hours make and model) of pilot-in-command time.

According to the U.S. Government Airport/Facility Directory, Friday Harbor's single runway, 16-34, is 3,400 feet long, 75 feet wide, and asphalt-surfaced.

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