On February 26, 2001, at 2210 central standard time, a Beech 58, twin engine airplane, N7383R, operating as Air Express 283, was taxing after landing when it collided with a parked, Cessna 210L, single engine airplane, N59301, at the Shreveport Regional Airport, Shreveport, Louisiana. A fire erupted during which the Beech 58 was substantially damaged and the Cessna 210L was destroyed. The Beech 58 was registered to and operated by Airnet Systems Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, and the Cessna 210L was registered to a private individual. The commercial pilot of the Beech 58 was not injured and the Cessna 210L was unoccupied at the time of the collision. The Beech 58 was operating under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 as a non-scheduled cargo flight. Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the collision and an IFR flight plan was filed. The Beech 58 departed from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (Ryan Field), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at 2050.

According to the pilot of the Beech 58, the flight landed at Shreveport and was cleared to taxi to the ramp. He reported that, at the time of the taxi, it was raining and a glare was present through the front windscreen. He entered the ramp and proceeded north toward the main building. As the airplane approached the building, he was taxiing "slower than normal" and noted a parked airplane to the right of his airplane. He stated that he then observed the Cessna 210L to the left of his airplane. The Cessna 210L was situated perpendicular to the Beech 58's direction of travel. As the Cessna 210L came into his view he applied the brakes and initiated a turn to the right to avoid it; however, the outboard left wing and the left engine of his airplane contacted the propeller and engine of the Cessna 210L. Subsequently, the Beech 58 came to a stop and a fire erupted. The pilot exited the Beech 58 without injury. The pilot added that the Cessna 210L was parked in an area of the ramp that was not lighted.

Review of photographs provided by the Shreveport Regional Airport Operation's Department, revealed that the fire consumed the Cessna 210L and substantially damaged the Beech 58. Additionally, a report from officials at the Shreveport Airport stated that, at the time of the collision, a thunderstorm was over the airport.

A toxicology report, provided by First Lab Inc., of North Wales, Pennsylvania, revealed that the pilot tested negative for drugs.

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