On February 06, 2001, at 0930 central standard time, a Sorrell, Guppy SNS-2,N6334F, an experimental airplane, collided with trees during an uncontrolled descent near Raymond, Mississippi. The personal flight was operated by the pilot under the provisions of Title 14 CFR part 91with no flight plan filed. Visual weather conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The experimental airplane was destroyed, and the pilot received serious injuries. The flight originated from John Bell Williams Field, Raymond, Mississippi, at 0845.

According to the pilot, after takeoff the flight controls "felt unstable". Then he stated that, when he tried to turn, the airplane turned easy to the left. As the pilot maneuvered 300 feet above the trees, the airplane became uncontrollable. The pilot reported that the airplane entered what he described as a " flat spin/spiral." The airplane collided with trees in a heavily wooded area near Raymond, Mississippi.

An examination of the airplane revealed that the rudder horn bracket that connects to the rudder control cable, had broken at the weld. The builder manufactured the rudder horn bracket during construction of the airplane.

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