On December 31, 2000, approximately 1205 hours Pacific standard time, a U.S. registered Aerostar 602P, N88AT, registered to Skyline Ranch Investment Company, and being flown by a U.S. citizen/private pilot, was destroyed during a collision with mountainous terrain approximately 15 nautical miles north of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. The pilot and three passengers were fatally injured. Instrument meteorological conditions existed throughout the area, and an IFR flight plan had been filed. The flight was estimated to have departed Salt Lake City, Utah, approximately 1630 PST, and was destined for Penticton.

The last known contact with the aircraft was at 1205 PST while on an IFR approach to the Penticton airport. The pilot had reported outbound on the radio beacon.

The wreckage was located in the vicinity of Okanagan Mountain, in the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park north of Penticton, at an elevation of approximately 5,100 feet above sea level (msl). Terrain in the park reaches an elevation of 5,164 feet msl.

Weather conditions at Penticton at 1200 PST on the date of the accident were light snow, a temperature/dew point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, calm winds, visibility of 5/8 statute mile and an altimeter setting of 30.19 inches of mercury.

This report is for information purposes only. The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Canada. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Transportation Safety Board of Canada #4-3071 Number Five Road Richmond, BC V6X 2T4

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