On February 19, 1989, at 0632, flight 066, a Flying Tiger Boeing 747-200, registration N807FT, was destroyed when it impacted terrain nine nautical miles South East of Subang International Airport, while descending for an NDB approach to runway 33 at Subang. The airplane was on a scheduled cargo flight from Singapore Changi International Airport to Subang International Airport in Kuala Lumpur. The three crewmembers and one passenger were fatally injured. The weather conditions prevailing over Subang Airport was mist/fog and the critical condition associated to it was poor visibility. An instrument flight rules flight plan had been filed for the scheduled flight that departed Changi at 0603.

This investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia. For further information contact:

Department of Civil Aviation
Jabatan Penerbangan Awam Malaysia
Aras B1, L1-L3, Blok D5
Pusat Pentadbiran Putrajaya
62502 Putrajaya

Fax (60) 88-219198

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