On September 10, 2000, about 1700 central daylight time, a Piper PA-28-140, N8319R, piloted by a student pilot sustained substantial damage during a nose over following a loss of control on landing roll on runway 13 (4,007 feet X 75 feet, dry/asphalt) at Hallock Municipal Airport (HCO), near Hallock, Minnesota. The instructional solo flight was operating under 14 CFR Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. No flight plan was on file. The pilot was uninjured. The local flight departed HCO at 1630 and was destined to practice touch and goes at HCO.

In a written statement, the student pilot stated, "At 15:45-15:50 I went into the airport lobby and proceeded to look up the wind conditions, which were between 8 and 9 kts. I then went home to meet ..., my flight instructor. I found out that he was unable to make our crosscountry trip. So, I had supper and went back to the airport at 16:30 to put the plane away. I decided first to do a few touch and go's with the crosswind for practice. I took off on runway 13, flew west a few miles and east a few miles, before attempting to land on 31 because of the smoke in a nearby field that was blowing over the end of runway 13. On my first attempt my descent angle was wrong. So, I made a go around to try it again. My second attempt looked good. I landed and bounced over to the left side of the runway. My left wheel went into the grass pulling the plane into the ditch. I tried to correct the plane by using the ailerons, rudder, and the brakes. As the plane hit the bottom of the ditch the front wheel broke off putting the nose of the plane into the ground flipping it over and onto the approach runway."

In a telephone interview, the student pilot said that he had landed on runway 13 and not on runway 31 as stated in his written statement.

A review of the student's logbook revealed an endorsement for solo flights with a limitation that stated a "...maximum crosswind component of 8 knots."

At 1657, the HCO weather was: Wind 240 degrees at 15 knots gusts to 20 knots; visibility 10 statute miles; sky condition clear; temperature 24 degrees C; dew point 6 degrees C; altimeter 29.66 inches of mercury.

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