On August 20, 2000, at 0915 Eastern Daylight Time, a homebuilt Lancair IVP, N235LP, was destroyed when it impacted a 15-foot levee, while landing at the Moraine Airpark, Moraine, Ohio. The certificated commercial pilot and the passenger sustained serious injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal flight. No flight plan was filed, and the flight was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to witnesses, the accident airplane was following a slower airplane to land on Runway 8. While on downwind, the accident pilot radioed that he was going to extend the downwind leg because the airplane he was following was slower. After the accident airplane turned base leg and final, the accident pilot radioed that he was performing some "S" turns. While on final and approximately 50 feet short of the 3,500-foot runway, the accident airplane contacted a 15-foot high levee. The airplane then impacted the ground 45 degrees nose low, and slid onto the approach end of the runway where it came to rest. A post-cash fire ensued, and witnesses extracted the pilot and passenger from the wreckage.

According to the pilot, after turning final the landing gear was down and the airplane was configured with full flaps. The pilot remembers maintaining 90 knots, and approximately a 2.5 degree approach angle to his intended touchdown point, which was about 200 feet down the runway. The pilot was not aware of the levee, and the impact caught him by surprise. The pilot added that while executing a normal approach the airplane would be 5 to 6 degrees nose high, and require about 2,000 feet of available runway for landing. The pilot had approximately 127 hours of flight experience in the accident airplane, and about 1,600 hours of total flight experience. The pilot added that the runway identifier and touchdown markings were not visible because of wear.

According to the Airport/Facility Directory, the runway threshold was displayed 225 feet. In addition, the airport diagram depicted the levee and how it related to Runway 8.

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