On July 21, 2000, approximately 0750 Pacific daylight time, a Cessna 188, N731GR, collided with the terrain during an intentional ground loop initiated by the pilot during a forced landing in an alfalfa field near Lone Pine, Oregon. The commercial pilot, who was the sole occupant, received minor injuries, and the aircraft, which was owned and operated by Precision Application, of Madras, Oregon, sustained substantial damage. The 14 CFR Part 137 aerial application flight, which had been in the air about 15 minutes, was operating in visual meteorological conditions. No flight plan had been filed, and the aircraft did not carry an ELT.

According to the pilot, while making a chemical application run, the aircraft's engine quit, and he executed a forced landing in an adjacent field of alfalfa. Although the touchdown was successful, the pilot found it necessary to execute an intentional ground loop in order to stop the aircraft prior to encountering an irrigation system in the field where he landed. During the ground loop, the aircrafts empennage sustained substantial damage.

No engine anomalies or malfunctions that would have lead to the loss of power were discovered.

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