On June 6, 2000, at 1342 central daylight time, a Luscombe 8A airplane, N45880, was substantially damaged while landing at the Majors Airport, Greenville, Texas. The private pilot, who was the registered owner and operator, and his passenger were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight, for which no flight plan was filed. The local flight originated from the Majors Airport at 1215.

According to the pilot, he flew the airplane in the practice area approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and then returned to Majors Airport to terminate the flight. The pilot reported that the touchdown on runway 35 was "smooth and uneventful;" although, when he "applied forward pressure to 'stick' the wheel landing," the airplane "turned hard right," to an easterly heading. The pilot applied power in an attempt to regain control of the airplane; however, the airplane continued turning to the right to a westerly heading, and exited the runway surface. The airplane then contacted soft terrain and nosed over coming to rest inverted. The pilot added that the winds were from 060 degrees at 8 knots.

According to the FAA inspector and the pilot, the right wing sustained structural damage, including the wing spar and wing strut. The engine mounts were damaged. They added that the right main landing gear fractured in two locations. The first point of separation occurred approximately 1/2 inch above the step, and the second point of separation occurred at the base of the landing gear assembly, at the wheel axle attaching point. The fracture surfaces were examined, by the NTSB Investigator-In-Charge, with a low power binocular microscope. The fracture surfaces located above the step exhibited bending deformation and 45 degree shear planes, consistent with an overstress separation. The fracture surface at the base of the landing gear, near the collar, also exhibited 45 degree shear planes, consistent with an overstress separation.

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