On May 8, 2000, approximately 1238 local time (0438 Coordinated Universal Time [UTC]), a Bell 430 helicopter, Taiwanese registration B-55531, being operated by Daily Air Corporation, struck wires while approaching its destination of the Chiu An Farm, Tai Chung County, Taiwan. Following the wire strike, the helicopter overturned during an emergency landing. The Taiwan Aviation Safety Council (ASC) reported that two crewmembers (the pilot-in-command and first officer) and six passengers were injured in the accident, with one being "severely wounded and hospitalized", but that all eight aircraft occupants survived the crash. The Taiwan ASC also reported that visual meteorological conditions existed in the area of the occurrence, and that the accident occurred 15 minutes after the flight's departure from Ching Shan, Taiwan.

The Taiwan ASC preliminary report, which classified the accident flight as a corporate/executive flight, stated: "While approaching to the FATO of Chiu An Farm, the main rotor of the helicopter became snagged by cable stretching across the valley of [the] Da Jia River. The flightcrew...landed the helicopter on the riverbank by applying [the] auto-rotation procedure."

The accident is being investigated by the Taiwan ASC. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Aviation Safety Council 16th Floor, 99 Fu-Hsing North Road Taipei 105, Taiwan Telephone 886-2-2547-5200 This report is for information purposes only and contains only information released by the Taiwan ASC.

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