On April 22, 2000, at 1010 eastern daylight time, a Cessna 150, N60763, collided with a utility pole while attempting a forced landing near Waycross, Georgia. The personal flight was operated by the student pilot under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 91 with no flight plan filed. Visual weather conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The airplane sustained substantial damage, and the student pilot was not injured. The flight departed the Bob White Airport in Zellwood, Florida, at 0730.

During the telephone conversation with, the student pilot reported that he and his flight instructor completed the preflight planning for the supervised solo cross-country flight. The student pilot stated that he received a weather briefing from St. Petersburg Flight Service Station, in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he was informed of the 35-knot headwind at 7500 feet. The student pilot estimated that the headwind would reduce his ground speed to approximately 61 mph. According to the student pilot, the supervised solo flight planned destination was Helen, Georgia, with a planned refueling stop at Alma, Georgia.

The student pilot also said he completed the preflight inspection of the airplane which included topping-off the fuel tanks with aviation fuel. There were 22.5 gallons of fuel on board the airplane at takeoff and the student pilot estimated four hours of flight endurance to fuel exhaustion.

After takeoff, the pilot climbed to a cruise altitude of 7500 feet. After about 25 minutes of total engine operation, the student pilot reported level at his cruise altitude. The student pilot recalled that he set the engine rpm at 2300, and adjusted the mixture for his cruise altitude. About 40 miles south of Alma, Georgia, and approximately two hours and 40 minutes into the flight, the engine lost power. The student pilot attempted a forced landing at the Waycross-Ware County Airport. After realizing that he was too far from the airport for a safe landing, the student pilot attempted an off-airport landing. The airplane collided with a utility pole while the student pilot maneuvered for the forced landing.

No mechanical problems with the airplane were reported by the student pilot, but he reported that the airplane ran out of fuel.

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