On March 27, 2000, at 1200 central standard time, a North American T-28B airplane, N28NE, sustained substantial damage during a forced landing following a loss of engine power near Bridgeport, Texas. The commercial pilot and his pilot-rated passenger received minor injuries. The airplane was registered to and operated by Trojan Phlyers of Fort Worth, Texas. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight, for which no flight plan was filed. The local flight departed Hicks Airfield, Fort Worth, Texas, at 1115.

According to the pilot and his passenger, the purpose of the flight was to practice formation flying. Approximately 45 minutes into the flight, the engine began to "run rough, vibrate, and lose power." They observed black smoke emitting from the exhaust, and the pilot estimated that the engine then began producing "about 25% of cruise power. The right exhaust gases momentarily ignited," but extinguished when the throttle was retarded. The pilot stated that the cowl flaps were open at the time that the engine lost power, and the oil temperature gauge was checked every 10 minutes during the flight and consistently indicated 65 degrees Celcius. Following the partial loss of engine power, the oil pressure gauge indicated 40 psi, and the airplane was unable to maintain altitude. During the ensuing forced landing, the pilot elected to keep the gear retracted. The airplane touched down in an open field and came to rest upright.

According to the FAA inspector, who examined the airplane, the fuselage keel beams were deformed, and the propeller was damaged. The inspector reported that engine oil had been "blown out the exhaust and down the sides of the fuselage." The airframe and engine underwent their most recent annual and 100 hour inspections, respectively, on March 15, 2000. At the time of the accident, the airframe had accumulated a total of 8,993.2 hours, and the engine had accumulated a total of 269.5 hours since overhaul.

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