On January 9, 2000, about 1300 eastern standard time, a Swearingen SX300, N54SX, registered to a private owner, operated as a Title 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight, crashed on landing at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed in the area, and no flight plan was filed. The aircraft received substantial damage, and the commercial-rated pilot and passenger were not injured. The flight originated from Spruce Creek Airport, the same day, about 1115.

The pilot stated that upon arrival at the destination airport, instrument meteorological conditions prevailed. However, shortly thereafter, the weather conditions changed and he was able to land during visual meteorological conditions. During the landing touchdown, the left wheel settled and the airplane veered off the runway, incurring damage. The pilot further stated that he examined the airplane and the landing area after the accident and there was a scrape showing that the tire was sideways at touchdown. There was also a gouge where the left strut dug into the asphalt, along with the corresponding skid mark from the right main landing gear as he applied the brakes and slid prior to exiting the runway.

A representative of the owner examined the accident aircraft, and stated that the left main landing gear torque link pin boss fractured, which allowed the wheel and axle assembly to rotate outwards, breaking the axle block off at the weld on the oleo piston tube during the landing rollout.

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