On the morning of December 6, 1999, the burned wreckage of a Cessna U-206 Stationair, was found near a connector road between Haitian National Route 1 and Route 3, about 3 kilometers northeast of Port-au-Prince International Airport (MTPP, airport elevation 121 feet mean sea level). The wreckage was also reported as located about 5 kilometers northwest of the city of Croix-des-Bouquets, at 18 N 12, 72 W 15. A partially painted-over registration number in the wreckage indicated HK-2839P. The burned bodies of two apparent crewmembers lay near the wreckage. The suspected drug-carrying flight is believed to have originated on the continent of South America. The regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, Republic of Haiti, apply.

Witnesses reported seeing an airplane circle about 2130, December 5, 1999, south of MTPP, and HK-2839P is believed to have crashed during an attempted landing on the connector road about 1000. The wreckage was found by authorities the following morning.

Two other apparent drug-carrying airplanes were also found as wreckage, reportedly near the same attempted landing road as the December 5, crash (although the reported coordinates differ): 1) A Cessna U-206 Turbo Stationair, with an attempted registration no. formed on the fuselage in plastic tape of N57__, is believed to have crashed about 2000, on the night of December 12, 1999, at reported coordinates 18 N 08, 72 W 22, and 2) a twin engine Piper Aztec, registration YV-177 indicated on the fuselage and with a Colombian flag painted on the vertical stabilizer, is believed to have crashed about 1900, December 30, 1999, at reported coordinates 18 N 32, 72 W 19'90". No aircraft occupants were found at the later two wreckage sites, and neither wreckage was burned. The wreckage of YV-177 contained both pilots' seats, only, all other seats evidenced having been removed prior to flight. There was no cargo found in the wreckage of any of the three airplanes.

The U.S. Accredited Representative is Thomas R. Conroy, Senior Air Safety Investigator, NTSB, AS-20, Washington, D.C. 20594; tel. (202) 314-6314 / fax -6329.

For further information, contact the Investigator-in-Charge:

Director Mario Andersol Judicial Police Port-au-Prince (509) 298 4651


Mr. Laurent J.H. Dumas OFNAC Civil Aviation Administration Port-au-Prince International Airport (509) 246 0420

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