On November 10, 1999, at 1310 central standard time, a North American T-6G, N9627C, piloted by an airline transport pilot, sustained substantial damage during an aborted landing on runway 18 (3,801 feet by 75 feet, dry/asphalt) at the Saint Charles County Smartt Airport (SET), Saint Charles, Missouri. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The personal flight was conducted under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91 and was not on a flight plan. The pilot and his one passenger reported no injuries. The flight originated at the Saint Charles County Smartt Airport at 1230 for a local flight.

In a written statement, the pilot said that the automated weather observing system (AWOS) was reporting wind at 250 degrees at 15 knots. He said that he, "...elected to land on runway 18, since it is longer than runway 27, (3,801 [feet] vs. 2,000 [feet])." The pilot stated that as the tail started to come down, the airplane started to drift to the left and he attempted to correct with right aileron and right rudder. The pilot said that he then attempted a go-around but the aircraft did not climb and the left wing struck the ground. The aircraft came to rest about 200 to 300 feet off the left side of the runway. The pilot reported no mechanical malfunction in his report.

The Federal Aviation Administration conducted an on scene examination of the accident airplane. According to the inspector's statement, a teardown inspection of the right wheel and brake assembly was performed and no anomalies were detected. The inspector also stated that the wheel rotated freely.

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