On October 29, 1999, approximately 0605 pacific daylight time, a Beechcraft A36TC, N3822K, registered to and operated by the pilot as a 14 CFR Part 91 personal/pleasure flight, was substantially damage during a gear up landing at Pasco Tri-Cities Airport, Pasco, Washington. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The commercial pilot, the aircraft's sole occupant, was not injured. The flight originated from Pasco, Washington, about 15 minutes before the accident. There was no report of an ELT activation.

The pilot reported that he performed a preflight inspection of his aircraft, and departed the airport with the intention to remain in the local traffic area to conduct touch-and-go landings. On the third landing attempt, the controller informed the pilot that he would call the pilot's base turn due to other departing traffic. According to the pilot, after clearance was given to land on runway 21R, "I turned final, put the flaps full down and forgot to put the gear down." The aircraft subsequently landed gear-up and slid to a stop at the intersection of runways 21R and 30.

The pilot stated that he did not hear the aural gear warning horn that would have indicated the gear was in the up position. The pilot also stated that he had recently installed a portable Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that is mounted to the aircraft's control column. According to the pilot, "It blocks out the area where the green lights show for the gear down."

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